Saturday, 14 April 2018

A Stitch in Line

How do you like your lines? Straight or curved? Horizontal or vertical?
Our speaker today -Rachael Singleton- took us on a journey through the time-line of her ever developing work. Art has played an important role in her life from an early age. With two creative parents she has explored lots of creative arts such as ceramics, art journaling as well as embroidery.
She now works in mixed media textiles mixing papers and fabrics with stitch. Rather than getting bogged down in creating the perfect piece of embroidery, she is more interested in creative thinking, working with ideas.
We even learnt a new word - commingle - to mix or blend. She likes to commingle her colours.
Half way though her talk she gave us all a task. Using a triangular piece of paper we had to create a 3d form ( no creasing allowed)

Our structures made from a triangle of paper
Rachael creates both 2d and 3d pieces. A very talented and inspirational lady.

Beautiful pods created from paper with added stitch and fibres

Sketchbook pages and felt piece based on stones

To learn more about her and see more of her work follow the link below.