Monday, 22 August 2011

Isobel Hall - Mixed media books with stitched spines

Last Saturday Isobel Hall taught a workshop on how to create mixed media hard backed books with an open embroidered spine.
The morning consisted of experimenting with various mixed media techniques. We used encaustic wax, paints, chalky pastels, alcohol inks and light moulding paste with stencils and stamps on textured paper to create different backgrounds. Different techniques were layered one on top of another to create unique paper backgrounds for embroidering into. This was very messy but oh so enjoyable!

Paper samples

Next came the stitching of the pages together to form the inside of the book. I must admit that I found this part quite fiddly and frustrating at times. However when I tried again at home I found it much easier and got hooked!

Using a frame with tapes to stitch pages together

It was a very full but enjoyable day and we ran out of time so no books were actually finished on the day.
I do hope to see several completed books at the next meeting so that other members can see what a great workshop they missed.

My finished book