Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Hearts

Apologies for the late posting but illness, work, family and general Christmas madness got in the way. Anyway better late than never!
Earlier this month we had our Christmas lunch. Everyone brings a dish and then we all tuck into a lovely lunch. As per tradition we had a Christmas competition and this year we had to make a heart. Lots of different techniques were used and it was very difficult to choose a winner. Here are this year’s enters for the competition. 

The winning heart

For a change we decided to run a mini workshop after the meal to make a Christmas tree bird decoration. These little birds can be made very quickly if you choose not to decorate them with stitch but as we are a group of embroiderers this was never going to happen! Hence no birds were actually finished on the day but hopefully some of them made it to a Christmas tree on time!

Completed sample bird