Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Young Embroiderers

Three members of the Harrogate branch committee spent Sunday 15 March at a doll making workshop organised by Pauline Heywood with Chris Beavers of the York Branch. There was a choice of three types of doll to be constructed using either traditional stitching methods, a plastic bottle or a couple of twigs. The resulting outcomes were very interesting and no doubt several branches will be enjoying some doll making workshops later this year with their young embroiderers.

Peg Dolls

The Peg Doll competition proved to be very popular. Choosing a winner was a very difficult decision. Anne Curzon was eventually declared the winner following a second ballot. Leah Cox was second with this rather luxurious mermaid. Amongst the other dolls there were a fairy, Father Christmas, an Elizabethan doll, a Japanese doll, and a rather buxom lady dressed in black.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at Russell Sergeant House to celebrate Christmas.