Monday, 15 April 2013

Elizabeth Almond - Blackwork Journey

We are very grateful to Elizabeth for honouring her commitment to come to Harrogate so soon after her car accident.
Having done a City and Guilds course some 30 years ago Elizabeth was drawn back to Blackwork in 2008. She didn't like the existing designs so started designing her own. She sent some of her designs to publishers which proved to be very popular. She now designs for many magazines all over the world and sells designs through her website.
A few of the many samples brought by Elizabeth

 Elizabeth's first major piece of Blackwork

Blackwork doesn't have to be black!
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Not only did Elizabeth bring a huge collection of work for us to handle and inspect but she also passed on her knowledge and tips for creating successful pieces of Blackwork.
If you would like to see more designs then take a look at Elizabeth's website -