Sunday, 16 October 2016

Captain Rummage

Yesterday our planned speaker had to cancel but “Captain Rummage” stepped in at short notice and entertained us. Chris Powell, also known as Captain Rummage, gave a highly entertaining and informative talk about Harrogate’s community scrap store – The Cone Exchange. Over 20 years ago, when Chris was working at Bettys and Taylors tea factory, a young boy on a factory tour asked if he could take home a waste cotton cone to make an angel for Christmas. Word spread and within a few weeks 500 angels had been made and sold with the proceeds going to charity.

Chris then started to look for other items of waste that could be re-used for crafts for children. The company then continued to grow and now numerous schools collect items for recycling such as mobile phones and then exchange them for craft materials.

Some of the scrap is also used to make items for sale at shows and fairs.

If you have never been to the store it is well worth a visit. I guarantee you will not leave empty handed. And of course if you have any fabrics or other materials you would like to recycle then Chris would be glad of any donations as all money raised goes to charities.

To find out more visit The Cone Exchange website