Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Thread and Thrift

Having long been a fan of Mandy Pattullo’s work it was fantastic to see and handle so much of her work.
Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls which sets us off on a whole new creative path. With Mandy this was an old, brown quilt given to her. It was made up of several layers which she took apart and made several “quilted skirts” from it. This then developed into a series of skirts.
She describes her way of working as “thread and thrift” – basically not buying new fabric and re-purposing old textiles and using up her existing stash (something we should all get to grips with!)
Her work is based on collage techniques – mainly patchwork and piecing fabrics but she also includes paper and other objects plus printing.

Beautiful child's jacket

Appliqué panel

Fabric books

Books made from old wallets  

To find out ore about Mandy and see more of her wonderful work visit her website