Thursday, 5 August 2010

Gawthorpe Hall

Ohhhhh .... what a day out you all missed.

Ten members visited Gawthorpe Hall, at Padiham near Burnley on Wednesday, 4 August and spent a fantastic day looking through boxes of embroidery. We had requested metal thread and surface stitchery, but could not have guessed at the quality and beauty of the work we would be allowed to handle and see.

On arrival we all eyed up the boxes with eager anticipation, particularly as we had spyed the name Beryl Dean on one of them, but after lunch further surprises awaited us when more boxes were introduced with whitework, samplers and Elizabethan pieces. Information overload became a problem and we all want to visit again to focus on our own particular areas of interest.

Tracy Gill, our host for the day, kept the best to last. She introduced us to a magnifying glass attached to a laptop computer which enabled us to look at the embroidery in great detail. Most members decided they could never achieve the level of expertise required to produce such fine pieces of work as the samples we saw.

The whole outing was a huge success from start to end and the wet weather did nothing to dampen our spirits.

Hearts, Tarts and Rascals

This is what your chairman gets up to when you are not keeping an eye on her!

Bettys very kindly treated Irene Angel to afternoon tea after seeing the delightful picture she embroidered of Bettys Harlow Carr. As many of you will know Irene celebrated her 95th birthday recently and can actually only sit and embroider for very short periods at a time. She always takes up whatever challenge we dream up for you all and it was a great pleasure to be able to take her to Bettys tea rooms at Harlow Carr to enjoy both the scenery and the food.