Saturday, 8 July 2017

Fran Brammer - My Life with Colin, Bernard and Nigel – Free machine embroidery

We had a very interesting talk from Fran Brammer today. Fran brought along her friend Nigel (one of her sewing machines) she left Bernard and Colin at home!
A former teacher of Art and Design, then Textiles, Fran now concentrates on her own work which involves free machine embroidery combined with fabrics and dyeing. She enjoys walking and cycling, taking inspiration from the landscape around her.
Her method of work does not involve meticulous planning; instead she likes to work with her art, interacting with it and allowing it to evolve. Fabric may be laid down and stitched into only to be unpicked or parts torn away until the piece is resolved. She loves the idea of putting things together without knowing the exact outcome.
Her drawing skills are evident in her textile pieces. She creates wonderful atmospheric landscapes.

To see more of her work or try one of her workshop, visit her website for more information and examples of her work.

Pages from sketchbooks

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