Thursday, 19 February 2015

Corinne Young – My Textile Story

Corinne has been stitching since she was a young girl. Her mother and grandmother were embroiderers but her aunt, a seamstress, was a big influence on her.
Corinne went on to study for a degree in textile at Bradford College (under the guidance of Diane Bates).
Her main inspiration comes from plants and insects and the artefacts found in historic houses.
In 2006, Corinne was commissioned to produce 16 publicity panels for the 'Lord of the Rings' stage shows. The panels, which feature scenes from the book, were hand-painted and embroidered onto unbleached linen fibre paper. They were shown in Toronto and again in London in 2007. 
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Corinne has also taken part in East Yorkshire Open Studios and exhibits in many galleries - last year you may have seen her work at Harlow Carr Gardens.

 Visit her website to find out more about Corinne’s work.

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