Saturday, 26 February 2011

Textures in Felt

We had a fabulous felt making workshop today with Alyson Evans. Alyson showed us various methods to create textures in felt such as attaching things to the surface, placing objects in the middle of the felt, using resists, cutting and manipulating the wet felt. Her clear instructions, encouragement and her obvious love of felt making got us all keen to create our own masterpieces! She was always on hand to offer advice and help when required but also encouraged everyone to experiment and try out their own ideas. Although quite tiring, it was a most enjoyable and productive day.

I forgot my camera but took a few photos on my phone and the quality isn’t great.

One of Alyson's samples

Texture created using add ons and cutting

Lovely curly fibres added to create texture

More add ons and resist method

Forest scene created using added fibres

More resist method

Fibres added before felting process

More trapped fibres

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