Saturday, 1 May 2010


Oh what bliss .... a whole day to play

The Carol Coleman workshop was just what was needed after a few hectic weeks. Above you can see Carol's demonstration piece showing how to make a cord with a toggle on the end, and also how to create various edgings and dangling bits on dissolvable fabric.

Irene tried her best not to use her favourite colours and, inspired by some photographs of rock formations obtained from a member of the Harrogate Photographic Society, this is what she came up with.

Typical of Carol's work, the piece above is heavily stitched and is enhanced with pieces of metal and semi precious stones to great effect.

A newcomer to the Guild meetings and also a City & Guilds 1st Year student at Harrogate College, Jackie created this very decorative piece that may become a brooch or something similar. The shiny background is due to the fact that the dissolvable film had not yet been washed away. Beads are to be added before this happens. Everyone had a terrific day with Carol proving to be an excellent choice of tutor.

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