Sunday, 28 February 2010


Jacqui, our Chairman, taking time with her collage onto Tyvek.

14 members of the branch had a load of messy and dirty fun on Saturday, 27 February. Dawn Turner kindly stepped in at short notice to fill the gap when Sandra Kedzlie was unfortunately unable to be with us. Everyone took home 3 or 4 background pieces of work and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Just what was needed to cheer us up after all this glum weather we have been having.

Jo concentrating hard to get her crumpled tissue paper onto the collaged Tyvek background.

Definitely RED .... painted crumpled tissue paper over collaged scraps on a Tyvek base

Before .... and .... after - just a slight difference .... now where is that acrylic wax so that I can get this made into a book cover?

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