Sunday, 15 November 2009

"Blast from the Past"

Anthea Linacre discussing the wonderful Sunday best Apron brought along by Chris Staniforth which had been worn by her grandmother. In the foreground are some of the pieces of Mola work from the San Blas islands which were Sue Smith's contribution to the day.

What a successful meeting the November one turned out to be. Members surprised everyone with the wealth of interesting items they brought along. The photograph above is a montage of the pages from Jacqui's grandmother's school needlework book showing some of the samples.

There were pieces of needlework produced when people had been much younger, textiles and embroideries from many different countries, there were even two identical embroidered transfers worked by different members which had appeared in Woman and Home in the mid-40's.

The day was so successful that it could feature in the branch programme again.

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